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Committed to Changing Children's Lives.

You know him as the “One Arm Golfer”, the patient’s at The Paley Institute know him as their friend, ambassador and inspiration for The unLIMBited Foundation’s Financial Aid Fund known as The Tommy Fund.

Tommy Morrissey was born missing most of his right arm but that didn’t slow him down. By the age of three, Tommy was deemed a golf prodigy and appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show as well as Fox Sports with Tiger Woods. Since that time, Tommy has appeared on many national and global television shows, most recently NBC’s Little Big Shots and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

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He has clocked countless hours on golf courses around the world competing at his famous One Arm Challenge (closest to the pin) against PGA Pros, PGA Champions Tour Pros, and NCAA Division 1 Golfers. He has hosted his One Arm Challenge at many corporate and charity golf events and has won the hearts of millions around the world for his work on and off the golf course.

Tommy won the prestigious Peggy Kirk Bell Philanthropy Award in 2018. The unLIMBited Foundation was selected as a hi-light charity at the 2018 Cantor Fitzgerald 9-11 Memorial Celebrity Charity Day in Manhattan, and he has been invited to participate in many more prestigious charity events throughout the past few years.

Tommy spends his time advocating for limb saving and correction treatments for children and hopes that with the help and care of our donors and the world renowned surgeons at The Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute, no child will have to lose their arms or legs as a result of a lack of awareness of alternative treatments or financial resources. You can follow Tommy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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In carrying out our mission, we strive to:


Provide highly specialized, pioneering techniques to a wider range of children and adults who suffer from rare and neglected bone diseases, limb deficiencies and skeletal abnormalities.


Promote public awareness of Dr. Dror Paley’s innovative medical procedures throughout the medical community, and to those who are afflicted.


Educate and mentor orthopedic surgeons worldwide in the application of advanced techniques.


Ease the financial burden by providing financial aid for housing, for qualifying families, while their children are being treated at The Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute.
Provide Resources To Save Children's Limbs Through Today's Advanced Medical Technologies
– unLIMBited Foundation
We Educate and Inspire

In The Media

We serve a global community of families and their children born with congenital limb deficiencies who are searching for an alternative treatment answer to amputation. Their heart touching success stories attest to our mission of saving limbs and changing lives.

The Ellen Show – Incredible 3-Year-Old Golfer Tommy

When Ellen heard the inspiring story of this savant 3-year-old golfer with one arm, she knew she had to meet him. Check out his incredible skill!

Tiger Woods gets inspirational golfing lesson from 3-year-old

Tommy Morrissey does not see himself as a disabled child. He looks past life’s obstacles and shows promise as a golfer as he practices putting golf with Tiger Woods.

HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbe – Tommy Morrissey: Boy Wonder

7-year-old Tommy Morrissey taught himself how to golf with only one arm, using more torque and vertical force than his competition.

INSPIRING One Arm Golfer Tommy Morrissey

7-year-old Tommy Morrissey was born with one arm, but has worked hard to become one of the best young golfers in the game.

The Honda Classic Cares Proudly Supports unLIMBited Foundation

Over 50,000 children and their families benefit from The Honda Classic Cares. This initiative supports over 100 charities, including the unLIMBited Foundation. unLIMBited provides financial aid for children who need limb-saving and limb-corrective surgery, including assistance for related non-medical costs such as housing, transportation, and meals.

8-year-old Golfer Perfects One-armed Swing

Third grader Tommy Morrisey was born missing part of his right arm and hasn’t even ever had a real golf lesson — but he’s won more than 30 tournaments and plans to go pro one day.

Saving Limbs

unLIMBited Foundation

Most of us are fortunate enough to give a hug with our own two hands, or feel the sand beneath our own two feet, but for others born with severe limb anomalies, performing life’s most basic actions is just simply not possible. For these children, limb saving and correction treatment is critical for a better quality of life. For many families though, access to these specialized surgical and rehabilitation treatments is not financially feasible.
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Tommy Fund

Ease the financial burden by providing financial aid for housing, for qualifying families, while their children are being treated at The Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute.