About Us

unLIMBited Foundation

Our Mission

Supporting children with limb differences.

Our Vision

Children and families are able to seek limb-saving or life-changing treatment without the financial limitations of non-medical expenses, specifically housing.

Our Purpose

Provide financial assistance for temporary housing for the duration of treatment.

In carrying out our mission, we strive to:


Ease the financial burden by providing financial aid for housing, for qualifying families, while their children are being treated at The Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute.


Provide highly specialized, pioneering techniques to a wider range of children and adults who suffer from rare and neglected bone diseases, limb deficiencies and skeletal abnormalities.


Promote public awareness of Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute’s innovative medical procedures throughout the medical community, and to those who are afflicted.

Unlimbited Foundation
Families have many difficult obstacles to face in obtaining care; housing should not be one of them.
– unLIMBited Foundation

Who We Are

Welcome to UnLIMBited Foundation! We are a nonprofit organization based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. The unLIMBited Foundation is a collaboration of passion inspired by Tommy Morrissey and a strategic partnership with the orthopedic surgeons at the world renowned Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute takes pride in having more than twenty-five years of experience in performing limb lengthening and limb deformity correction. The expertise of these surgeons gives families the opportunity to access limb saving treatments that are not available in many parts of the world.

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What We Do

The UnLIMBited Foundation promotes public awareness of innovative medical procedures that are not widely known about or performed, as an alternative treatment to medically unnecessary amputation.

Children across the globe are suffering from rare and neglected bone diseases, limb deficiencies, and skeletal abnormalities. The search for comprehensive care and treatment of these conditions triggers major emotional, psychological, and economic costs. Unfortunately, many families are offered amputation as the only solution to complex limb differences. At the UnLIMBited Foundation, we are committed to alleviating these burdens by helping children and their families access limb correction. Families have many difficult obstacles to face in obtaining care for their children; housing should not be one of them in preventing amputation.

We have supported hundreds of domestic and international patients traveling to West Palm Beach, Florida, to access reliable limb-saving and life-changing treatment. Our partnership with local hospital hospitality housing fosters community living, allowing families to connect and know they are not alone in this process. This expands upon our mission to not only support families’ financial needs, but to also promote emotional and psychological resiliency in our children and families.

Saving Limbs

unLIMBited Foundation

Most of us are fortunate enough to give a hug with our own two hands, or feel the sand beneath our own two feet, but for others born with severe limb anomalies, performing life’s most basic actions is just simply not possible. For these children, limb saving and correction treatment is critical for a better quality of life. For many families though, access to these specialized surgical and rehabilitation treatments is not financially feasible.

Thank You for Supporting The unLIMBited Foundation!

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