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The children and families we serve depend upon us in so many ways. Your charitable contributions make a world of difference, one step at a time.

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Thank you Dr Paley for the wonderful and amazing experience at the Paley Institute.

The first six months of our daughter’s life were anything but typical. When she was two hours old, our doctor sat down in front of us with a pile of papers and a concerned look… Emily’s right femur to be significantly shorter than her left, … a condition called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency.”Six months later, we sat in front of Dr. Dror Paley as he looked over Emily’s x-rays, gave her a quick exam and confidently said the four words that would change our lives, “We can fix this.”

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When our daughter Apollonia was born with a leg that looked like a hockey stick our family lives were turned upside down. We proceeded to get diagnosis in Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto ~ all stated that amputation would be the best option.

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Our three-year old son, Jabari, was born with Congenital Short Right Femur. We were told by a local surgeon that amputation of his right leg and wearing a prosthetic was his only option."

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My son, Warren, was 11 when he was diagnosed with Perthes. Warren was walking like he was limping and after we would go for a ride in the car I would notice he couldn't move very well. He was still playing soccer but he just couldn't move as well as he used to.

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We heard that Dr. Paley was the best surgeon for our son's needs but didn't realize that he and his entire staff would become a part of our family. Over the past 4 years we have met many patients that feel the same way.

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